Gentleman’s Survival Kit

Gentlemen, here’s all you need to survive in the toughest of conditions. We suggest you get to work on the DIY Gentleman’s Survival Kit right away. It might help to include more Jack Daniels than what the instructions suggest. Hit ahead for the entire list.


Vintage Briefcase – purchased it on Etsy for $37 including shipping.

Basswood Interior – I had the wood on hand. Basswood is easy to work with. I finished it with an oil based cherry stain, sanded off the finish in key spots to make it look weathered and then put two coats of amber shellac on.

Hatchet – I found this at a flee market for $5. I cleaned up the ax head, sharpened it and burnished the handle with some steel-wool.

Match Tin – Flee market for $3 – I have no idea what it was originally used for.
Kindling Tin – This is actually an old Kodak film real container. Flee market again – $5.

Flask – This flask had an ugly cozy around it, so I made one with some left over leather that I had and some snaps (this was my first time to install snaps – not so bad).
Whiskey – Jack Daniels for $13. You may find this funny, but I chose the Honey because I liked the light label better.

Kindling – These are short pieces I cut of “duraflame fatwood” from Lowe’s. They are all natural and contain extra sap, allowing them to light easily.

Matches – These are strike anywhere fireplace matches that I cut down to fit inside the match container.
Leather Straps – I used some extra leather, the snaps, some screws to attach the male snaps to the wood and some black rough looking tacks to attach the straps to the wood interior.

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