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Everyone loves to play the games of our childhood, but the consoles don’t tend to last a lifetime. Since, there hardly are many modern replacements, we’re stuck with playing them on emulators on computers, which let’s face it, isn’t fun enough. The console replacements keep coming through, the latest in line being the RetroN 4.

It’s something of an all-in-one solution with four slots that allow you to play cartridges from the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, Sega Genesis and for the first time the Game Boy Advance. It will also support an HDMI output, and a built-in interface to reassign controller buttons.

The console will ship with two controller ports for each console so the original pads can be attached to the console, plus a wireless Bluetooth controller. RetroN 4 will have an unveiling at the Midwest Gaming Classic on March 23-24.

Via Wired Gamelife