Portraits Made From Chewed Pieces of Gum

We can assure you, we are not in the least way judgmental. However, our gag reflex does not hold itself to the same high standards as we do. That however is no reason to deviate from the fact that Ukrainian artist Anna Sophia Matveeva manages to make impressive portraits using chewing gums as the medium.

As the story goes, one fine day the artist realized that the colors and texture of the chewing gum made it an excellent candidate for use in art. She decided to act on the idea, but realized gum was no use for art until it had been chewed upon.

Considering it would be impossible for her to chew all the gum she needed for her work, Anna enlisted the help of friends and family. Each of the portraits needs thousands of peaces of gum to be complete and can contain the saliva of more than a dozen people. Anna on her part does not find her handling of chewed gums in any way disgusting, she sees it as similar to the things a dentist or surgeon might have to go through; and we are all for that argument.

Via OddityCentral

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