Car Concepts for Putin

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin wasn’t quite happy seeing the administration move around in BMW and Mercedes cars, therefore he asked Russia’s automakers to come up with a car suited for him. Russian automaker Zil came up with a concept in the shape of Zil-4112P (pictured at top), but it didn’t find favor with the president.

With that done, rival Russian car makers GAZ and Marussia decided to jump in on the opportunity themselves, in the hope of finding one that would appeal to the president. Russian cars don’t really have an image for luxury, or even reliance, so the job ahead is of course a tough one. Marussia partnered with Russian car design site to organize a competition that would throw out some interesting results. Here are a few of those concepts that came through from the competition.

Via Cardesign, Carscoops, Gizmag

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