The Indian Bugatti Veyron is Based on a Suzuki

When it comes to power, Bugatti and Suzuki are probably sitting on the opposite poles. But there always are ways for them to get together, like this one. The Bugatti Veyron you see here started life as a Suzuki Esteem/Cultus. Now the Suzuki Esteem is quite a humble car, a 1.3L engine that puts out a modest 85bhp, which would be only a fraction of the power that is commanded by the beast called Veyron with a 16.4-L W16 engine pumping out 1001bhp.

Dreams generally don’t tend to go through all that trouble, as with this Suzuki Veyron made by Sf Carz from Hyderabad, India. It does have a passing resemblance to the Veyron, and well, a few other tricks the tiny Suzuki could handle.

Via IndianAutosBlog

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