All Hail The Holy Batman

Batman has been elevated to holy, celestial levels in this painting titled Holy Batman by artist Robert Burden. The painting measures 12 feet by 7 feet and took about 1200 hours to complete. Making a good representation of the Batman universe, it reserves space for important characters in the Batman mythology and lore. Adorning the side of the frame sit 360 Batman figurines that work for ornamentation.

As the artist’s about page mentions on the subject:

In 2006 I began a series of large-scale oil paintings based upon the small action figures that I played with as a boy. I remember these figures as being magnificent. They represented power, beauty, good and evil, and they captured every aspect of my imagination. As a young adult, these toys are wonderfully nostalgic, but they’re no longer amazing to me. The patterns that adorn many of the canvases are often taken from fabric, carpet or wallpaper patterns from my childhood home. The original toy is often framed in a shadowbox attached to the painting, acting as a modern reliquary for these figurines.

Via Reddit

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