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Audi has little to do with a consumer gadgets show like CES, but they did make an appearance there to show their new shiny automotive lighting technology. The car is decked with OLEDs that run through the length and breadth of the car and respond to their external environment. These lights for example, respond to an approaching driver on the exterior and continue with them to the interior of the car.

Rear of the car has numerous OLEDs that present themselves in a continuous surface with numerous small points of light. This section follows the driving of the car like a school of fish. As the car turns, these lights move rapidly to the direction of turning, and present similar animations for acceleration and braking so the driver behind the car can always have an idea of what is going on the car ahead.

A laser light at the rear projects a lit triangle on the road that keeps the driver at the rear informed of the idle distance to maintain from the car.

Via designboom