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Dyson Airblow 2050 is a concept umbrella by industrial design student Quentin Debaene. Most of us aren’t really big fans of umbrellas because they’re trouble to carry, trouble to walk with in a crowd, and numerous such things. Yet, we have put up with the bullshit of umbrellas for a very long time, mostly because they keep us safe from the rain, and well, sometimes they’re good in the sun too.

Quentin however, decided that the nosy fabric umbrella had to go, and has come up with this rather otherworldly concept he calls the Dyson Airblow 2050. This umbrella concept is mostly a stick that so conspicuously misses the fabric we are so used to seeing. Well, that is because this umbrella needs no fabric.

A motor in the stick sucks in air from the surroundings, pumps it up and then proceeds to throw it out from the top with such pressure that it forms a protective dome that repels the falling airdrops. Sweet. Except when there’s wind. Then, you’re screwed. Which, in our experience, would mean always.