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London has one of the busiest airports in the world, if not the busiest. As demand continues to rise, there will be a constant need for expansion. Land though, comes at a premium, and might involve having a number of people move and result in quite a few localities being destroyed. A proposed plan by construction company Beckett Rankine envisions a floating airport on the Thames estuary.

Goodwin Airport, as the proposal calls it, would be built on the goodwin sands in the estuary of the river, and be well within the UK’s national waters. The airport would include a four-runway hub and be connected to London through an underground rail system that would apparently complete the run in just 40 minutes.

The location of the airport also makes it possible for it to be connected to nearby European cities. The company claims the airport would be beneficial because no people would have to be relocated from the man-made island, and all its work would provide new economic opportunities for the locals.

Via designboom