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Hangover Cures From Around the World Make an Ad Campaign

It is a time honored tradition in every culture to get absolutely smashed every chance you get. And since New Year’s Day, a.k.a international hangover day approaches, we think it fit to take a look at traditional hangover cures from around the world. It is known by different names across the world, but of course, the hangover exists universally. This set of illustrations was made by creative DXTR and ad agency Havas Worldwide as an ad campaign for a German pharmaceutical brand’s new offering of aspirin.

The set is a 24-page booklet that shows hangovers and their weird cure in ten regions of the world. The top image shows Kater (hangover in German, which oddly means “male cat”), with the cure apparently being fresh owl eggs.” We think it’s befitting that the German name comes from the name of a beer. Scroll down for more images followed by the description.

Tømmermand (Carpenter) / Denmark
Origin: Roofing ceremonies/Carpenters
Anti hangover recipe: Smut/Lamp black and milk

Hangover / USA
Origin: Native American / Firewater / Hanging around
Anti hangover recipe: Pecker of a swallow and myrrh

Resaca (Sea erosion) / Spain
Origin: To be flooded
Anti hangover recipe: 1/2 Lemon in armpit

Babalas (The morn after the day before) / South Africa
Origin: Zulu
Anti hangover recipe: Sheep eyes in tomatojuice

Gueule de bois (The wooden jaw) / France
Origin: Wooden cognac barrels and drinking vessels
Medieval anti hangover recipe: Red wine mixed with garlic

Suri (Dizzy) / Bavaria
Origin: “Sorry”. Also a word for feeling dizzy
Anti hangover recipe: Two egg yolk’s in noodlesoup with cognac

Baksmälla (Throwback) / Sweden
Origin: Relapse or to suffer a setback
Anti hangover recipe: Fresh eel and almonds

Pochmeliye (Drunken stupor) / Russia
Origin: Knocking in the head
Anti hangover recipe: Cigarettes in coffee / More Vodka

Krapula (Crap) / Finland
Origin: Crap protein often was responsible for the hangover
Anti hangover recipe of Finns that moved to Haiti: Voodoo (13 pins into the cork of the bottle)

Via DXTR, FastCo


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