This Orchestra is Fully Weaponized

This set of musical instruments by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes would probably fill up a small armory. Since 2008, the artist has been making musical instruments using parts from various firearms like revolvers, shot guns, machine guns and the like.

This particular set came into being as the government of Mexico planned to publicly destroy confiscated illegal weapons in the city of Ciudad Juarez. Commissioned by Alumnos 47, the artist received the discarded metal from the demolition which he then converted into a fully functioning orchestra in two weeks, while working with six musicians.

Prior to this project, Reyes had successfully managed a voluntary donation of illegal weapons in the city of Culiacán. Those who gave up weapons were given coupons that could be redeemed for domestic appliances and electronics. The weapons themselves were converted into shovels which were then used to plant 1527 trees. Through his work, Pedro Reyes seeks to bring attention to, and address the rising crime rate in Mexico.

Via designboom

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