Man Ravaged by Polio Builds Himself a Helicopter from Trash

The determination of human nature is incredible, and there are enough stories that are inspiring and moving. Short documentary Everything is Incredible by Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill and Tim Skousen tells the story of AgustĂ­n from Siguatepeque, Honduras. Agustin was hit by Polio as a child, and he’s been unable to walk since then. He spent most of his life in poverty making shoes. Then in 1958, he decided to play on his dream and build a helicopter!

The crudely made helicopter is a custom design that he made from trash and self-crafted pieces, barring a few pieces that were purchased from a store. Makers of the documentary are currently raising money to help purchase Agustin’s helicopter and his home. You can donate here.

Via Colossal

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