Airpod: The Car That Runs on Air

You know what sucks? The high cost of gas and the fact that the sucker pollutes the atmosphere every second the engine runs. Something that runs on a vast energy source that is inexhaustible would be really cool, you know, like a car running on air. India’s Tata Motors has been working with MDI to create a car that runs on plain air; an alternative fuel that you can see is seemingly better than all other options we have at the moment.

The idea is to use energy in compressed air to propel a tiny pod that can drive around with effectively zero pollution. As you would imagine, this isn’t an easy job, not by a long shot. So far, they’ve been able to chalk up some functional prototypes for the Airpod, but commercial launch still stays elusive.

While they are looking at various options, the basic model of the Airpod is a tiny pod-like unit with three wheels, with enough room to carry three adults and a child, or some amount of cargo. The pods do not have conventional steering wheels and rely on joysticks instead.

Airpod has a 175 liter storage tank of compressed air that can be refilled with an external pump, or a mechanism that traps and compresses air while the car is running. Top speed for the basic model is 73mph, and a tank lasts about 125 miles (200km).

Via Core77

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