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At the recently completed London Olympics, tiny miniature Minis had an important job to do, and they could often be seen dashing across the fields and the tracks. Mini’s parent company BMW was an official sponsor of the Olympics, so that meant BMW and Mini cars could often be seen ferrying athletes and guests.

Olympic stadia however, are kept free from any advertising, and so the cars had no business running inside the fields. Mini seems to have floored the organizer with its iconic, cool looks, and it’s functionality of a wonderful errand boy to be allowed to run on the tracks. The car on the tracks is a 1:4 scale replica of the Mini.

Powered by a 10hp electric motor, the miniature Mini could carry 17.5 pounds and was used to ferry items like javelins, hammer, discus and shot. BMW managed to convince and demonstrate to London Olympic officials that the miniature Minis could very well do their job, and do it more efficiently. We imagine the officials did not have the heart to say “no” to such a cool little thing.

Three miniature cars were put into service, working four hour shifts to cover a total of 18000 meters in a day. They had a remote control range of 100 meters, could hold a charge time of 35 minutes, and be recharged in 80 minutes. Additionally, while not really required, BMW decided to jazz up the cars with dual vented disc brakes, heavy duty shock absorbers, functional door handles, headlamps and windshield wipers.

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