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Wall-E is probably the most adorable robot to have ever touched the big screen. California robotics enthusiast and Wall-E fan Mike Senna has now created a real life version of the adorable robot. It isn’t quite Wall-E in terms of the character’s acts and intrigues, but it can move around, and have actions to match what we saw in the movie.

Making Wall-E for real was tough, simply because no one has done it before. Senna had to rely on hours of movie footage he watched over and over, to study motions of Wall-E, and then develop the robotic parts himself. The project lasted two years and apparently swallowed about 3200 to 3800 hours of Senna’s time.

It is all worth the time and effort though, and even more so because Senna often takes the robot to events for City of Hope, a pediatric cancer charity. The look on children’s faces when they can interact with a character they have loved is quite heartwarming.

Via Blastr