India Celebrates 50 Years of Its Favorite Advertising Mascot

Amul girl turns 50

Advertising mascots don’t really have a very long life; they come, they stir things up for a while, and then they silently go out to be replaced by some other, more contemporary piece. Not this little girl. The girl in the red polka dotted frock has been on top of her game for the past 50 years.

She has been the face of India’s milk and food cooperative Amul and promotes the company’s butter with the tagline Utterly Butterly Delicious. The advertising works mostly as puns and satires for current affairs, popular culture, movies and even notions, with a new one coming up almost every week, and sometimes, separate advertising campaigns for different regions of India. Scroll down for a mosaic of the Amul girl made using 1,432 of the Amul ads, although she has appeared in more than 4000 of such advertisements.

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