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Evacuated Tube Transport is the future of travel, or that is what the designers would have us believe. According to designers, this would be an airless, frictionless tube through which passenger carrying pods would be able to travel real fast. When we say “real fast” we mean a speed of 4000 mph that would theoretically allow passengers to make a trip around the world in a mere six hours.

Designers, led by engineer Daryl Oster, claim that the system would be faster, more cost efficient and more energy efficient than other means of transport. Each six-seat pod would be way more efficient than airplanes, electric cars, or other modern means of travel. They also claim it to be cost effective, saying the ETT would be a fraction of the cost of motorways or railroads of comparative length.

The system could work in a way very similar to modern internet pocket transfers, where pods could run from one location to other, without having the trouble to bump into each other during intersections or at stations.

What remains unclear is, how humans, who are unable to withstand such large g-force, will survive this journey. Because it would be a real turn off to travel around the world in six hours, and then be found dead in the pod.

Via DailyMail

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