China Plans an Underground Luxury Hotel

A company in Shanghai recently broke ground for a “groundscaper.” Which as the name implies, will be a structure built below the surface. It isn’t going to be a tiny project either, the building is supposed to be a luxury hotel that goes 19 stories deep, with 380 rooms. Three of these floors will be build above the crater, while the others will go underground.

The hotel is being built in an abandoned quarry at the foot of Tianmashan Mountain. To be surrounded by a 428,000 square-meter theme park, the hotel will include facilities like an underwater restaurant, an athletic complex for water sports and 10-meter deep aquarium.

Being developed by Shimao Property Group worked with British engineering firm Atkins, the hotel should be completed in 2014-2015 at a cost of $555 million. Rooms are likely to be available starting at a rate of $320 a night.

Via SmartPlanet

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