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Concepts generally have the leeway of going past the accepted and the pragmatic to don the feathers of imagination and take a big leap. So concept cars can be really amazing; an idea that stands true for nearly all marques. Things get a bit different when you’re dealing with a Lamborghini though. The raging bull has such amazing cars that you really have to push the boundaries of imagination.

Feruccio concept by designer Mark Hostler isn’t quite going to make it to production ever, but the design for Lamborghini’s upcoming 50th anniversary does hold some style. The independent concept takes most of its inspiration from the Countach, but it does take elements from other Lamborghini cars as well, like the Aventador, Reventon and the fabled Miura.

Power comes from the same V12, but with the displacement reduced to 5.0 liters. A couple of turbochargers keep the power output high and running. A very interesting and the most easily visible feature here is the sharp front. It’s like the concept supercar has its sword drawn and ready for battle. Such sharp ends aren’t quite the stuff of production cars, but for a concept, they just might work.

Via Diseno-Art

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