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Butterflies are lovely, lovely creatures that nobody in their right mind can hate. Moths may not be even close in beauty, but we’ll accept them not being scary as shit. That is of course a moot point when you consider a moth that goes a foot wide and looks very intimidating. We probably would find some Pokemon like-looks with the moth, but since it is very real, we’ll stick to being intimidated.

The moth is known as Attacus or Atlas, mainly on account of the map-like markings that show up on its wings. This particular photograph was taken by photographer Sandesh Kadur in north-eastern India. Seeing the appearance of the moth, Kadur initially thought it was going to attack, but it apparently had no plan to go that way and let him take the picture.

Atlas moths are generally found in Asia and are harmless; they do have a sad story as well. Due to their poorly formed mouths, the moths can’t really eat anything and have to subside on the fat they collected as a caterpillar and manage to live for only about two weeks. The primary purpose of the moth is to find a mate, and make babies.

Via DailyMail

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