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Japanese Construction Firm Thinks of a Space Elevator in 2050

Talking space elevator isn’t new, but showing a serious interest in the construction of one probably is. Tokyo based construction firm Obayashi Corp. has displayed interest in building a space elevator. The project would make liberal use of carbon nanotubes, and have a cable stretched up 96,000 kilometers into the air, or probably space would be a better word here.

One end of the said cable would be fixed to a spaceport on the ground, while the other end will hold a counterweight. A terminal station built at the height of 36000 kilometers above the ground will make available laboratories and living spaces. The station will also have solar panels for energy generation.

The elevator car will use magnetic linear motors for motion, and be able to travel at a speed of about 200 km/h, taking its 30 passengers to the station in about seven and a half days. An interesting concept, of course, still a concept but with enough interest the space interest could one day be very real.

Via Yomiuri

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