Steampunk ‘Emperors Armor of Empowerment’

This armor has been created for emperors – of the post-apocalyptic era. That would be a wonderful time to strut around in badass Victorian armor and people would just fall at the emperor’s feet. In all earnestness though, the custom Steampunk armor by Ian Finch-Field really is wonderful.

Vegetable dyed leather makes an excellent base for the brass, gears, cogs and lights to take a place on. The finish makes the armor look fairly battle ready and up to its job. The custom armor doesn’t come cheap though, this one is priced at $10,270.

1 thought on “Steampunk ‘Emperors Armor of Empowerment’”

  1. 10,270.00??????? I made one using the pics as a blueprint. Total under 150.00 in about 3 hours less waiting period for curing of leather. I think I need to rethink my profession as an atty lol


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