The Wonderful Miniature Photography World of Kurt Moses

Miniature photographs by Kurt Moses are an easy ticket to fantasy land for us. Images from a set have beautiful settings, we found a hint of the wild west, travel, adventure, and not to be underestimated, sea monsters. Kurt and his wife work together on these photographs, working their way through road trips and spontaneously selecting the spots for the photographs.

Scenes aren’t planned too far in advance, though Kurt does his homework to find the best setting and lighting. All this planning and work becomes all the more important, considering that the photographer relies on real world environments and shuns the use of artificial lighting and the use of tools like photoshop to brush up the work.

One of Kurt’s favorites is the “Petrified Forest National Park” (second image from top) and we find it a perfect example of his work and the effort put into it. In the photographer’s words:

It was shot mid-morning while passing through the Petrified Forest. We slept in our car the night before to be ready to enter the park when it opened. I didn’t have time to scout the area and wasn’t even sure that I would use the Airstream in this shot, but I am glad I did.

Images are captured by means of a Nikon D2x or D7000 camera using a 10.5mm fisheye lens. You can get hold of prints of these shots at Kurt’s Etsy shop.

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