Tesla Shows the Model X

Tesla has introduced the world to its brand new CUV, the Model X. While the car obviously looks like a super sleek crossover, the winner in this design is the addition of gullwing rear doors. The CUV, as is apparent, takes some design cues from the Tesla Model S that show up in the styling of its front end.

That is not where the similarity ends; these siblings share a lot in common. Model X has been built upon the same architecture as the Model S and will use the same batteries in the choice of 40 kWh, 60 kWh and 80 kWh packs.

Of course the greater weight of the CUV means the driving range will find itself a bit short, roughly 10% in this case. Model X will have a spacious interior with three rows of seating and the absence of a combustion engine allows the CUV to have two luggage compartments; one at the back and one up front. Tesla will begin production of the car in 2013.


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