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NASA has released new “Blue Marble” images of the Earth, showing our planet in detailed, high-resolution images. NASA used a collection of satellite images that were stitched together to create these fantastic images of our earth. Most of these images came from the satellite Terra, that floats in orbit about 435 miles high from the earth’s surface.

The images show opposite sides of the earth; in the first one, North America takes center stage with a view of central America and the northern side of South America. The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans provide a rich addition to the image. In the second image, India takes the centerstage, with much of Asia visible.

Africa, Europe and Australia form the borders of this image. Finally, the last image you see here is the classic image captured by astronauts aboard Apollo 17 in 1972. It happens to be the most famous “Blue Marble” image till date.

Via DailyMail

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