Glamour Shots of Smoking Kids

Kids, they look so cute doing things. Apart from the times they’re making noise, or messing our stuff, or crying, or running around like crazy little people, or getting on my lawn. *Get of my lawn* Even so, smoking kids look all the more unsettling than the snootiest child on the block.

The series “Smoking Kids” is a conceptual set from photographer Frieke Janssens that shows children aged between 4 and 9 dressed in the stereotypical attire for their genders, and smoking in “glamorous and theatrical” styles.

Janssens was moved into this idea after seeing videos and hearing about the 2 year old Indonesian infant hooked onto cigarettes. With this series, the photographer intended to actually make people focus on the issue of smoking, rather than going all judgmental on the person holding the stick.

For these photographs, the prop cigarettes used were made from chalk and sticks of cheese, while the smoke came from incense sticks and candles.

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