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Every single Rolls Royce is a gem, a precious piece of craftsmanship. But of course, being elegant and classy can take the highway to hell because someone has enough money to wrap the car in gold, baby. Apparently enraged at the class of the Rolls Royce Ghost, an Italian fashion house decided to give it this ridiculous makeover.

The engine and innards of the Ghost have remained more or less the same, it is the cosmetic changes they have brought in, with a spraying of 24 karat gold.

There’s gold on the car’s exteriors, it’s in the cabin, on the wheels, everywhere they could put some shine. Lovingly named Fenice Milano ‘Diva’, the Rolls Royce killing monstrosity is priced at somewhere near £1.05 million (~$1.63 million). We’re kind of relieved they didn’t pull of this stunt on the Phantom.

Via DailyMail