Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Can Take on an Entirely Customized Appearance

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Fun-Vii concept is a car for the “not too distant future.” While the car is a fun concept with a somewhat different shape, the highlight here would be its exterior. The body of the concept car is virtually a huge screen that could almost display any image the driver chooses to show.

Well, concepts like this have been around as design studies for a long time, but it really is refreshing to see an automaker take a gander at it and make a real car. Interiors of the concept car are as interesting as the exterior.

Interiors have room for three seats, and a continuous display that covers the dashboard and floor while looking totally futuristic. As a cool addition to the futuristic theme, the concierge assistant for the navigation system comes through as a life-like projection.


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