Quebec’s Hotel de Glace is a Snow and Ice Treat

Open for business outside Quebec City, Hotel de Glace is apparently North America’s only hotel made entirely from snow and ice. Built in the winters, the hotel is built with a new design every year. It takes 60 workers a month working with 15,000 tons of snow and 500,000 tons of ice to sculpt the hotel.

The hotel has up to 36 rooms, a bar and an ice chapel. The hotel is constructed using metal molds and is let to harden in the cold winter air for a few days before the supports are withdrawn and the hotel is ready for use.

Rooms are topped with mattresses, deer pelts, and then arctic sleeping bags to keep guests warm, but of course, the temperatures remain low and the hotel advises guests to wear three layers of clothing and use outdoor spas and saunas to warm up before going to bed.

Via Inhabitat

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