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The Bugatti Veyron is all sold out, but the targa top version of the car is still available for those who have enough money. The supercar manufacturer has come up with three new looks for the Grand Sport, and will be showcasing them at the Dubai International Motor Show. You know, the place where people will lap up exclusives like these.

The first version has been done in bright yellow, with trims of black carbon on the underside and tinted wheels to go along. Cheapest of the trio, this one’s priced at $2.15 million. Interiors have been given a similar treatment as well.

The second version is blue carbon finished in anodized aluminum with tangerine leather for the interior and dark blue indigo leather or blue carbon fiber for the accents. The third version sees the Veyron Grand Sport in green carbon fiber and polished aluminum for the exteriors, and similar finishing on the interiors to match. Both these models have been priced at $2.42 million.

Via Carscoop