Incredibly Awesome Photographs by Anton Jankovoy

It has been a few days since Anton Jankovoy sent these amazing photographs, and all through that time I have been wondering which ones of these awesome photographs to publish. A professional travel photographer based in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, Anton has captured the bulk of his photographs in the Himalayan region of Nepal, parts of India, and of course, Ukraine.

He brings out the beauty and style in landscapes, often experimenting with different styles to capture the best shot. Beauty may be in the scene, but it translates well through the camera lens of an amazing photographer. Anton also runs a travel website, and if his photographs are any indication, we assume people with him would be treated to a great vacation. We intend to have another post with Anton’s photographs, and of course, more awesomeness.

All images copyright Anton Jankovoy, and used with permission.

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