Hotel Room Offers Luxury 509 feet Below The Earth’s Surface

If you have the money and a fire for travel, the world has limitless wonders to show, and the luxuries humans have to provide. You know, something like living 509 feet below the surface of the earth. This luxurious hotel room is available in the Sala silvermine located 75 miles from Stockholm. For years, the mine was Sweden’s primary source of silver, now it also hosts a hotel room, museum, dining place and exploration activities for anyone willing.

Guests are given a guided tour before being left alone for the night, though a staff member remains available above the ground and can be contacted via intercom. Mobile phones don’t quite work at a depth so great.

There is a toilet located 50 meters below the ground, though bathroom facilities are available in the adjoining hostel above the ground. Living in relative luxury inside a silver mine won’t really be on the to-do list of many people, but the hotel won’t really have trouble finding people willing to fork out $580 for the experience.

Via Gizmag

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