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Alive or dead, we don’t want to get anywhere near bugs. And we can’t help squishing a bug or insect that comes close, except spiders, that’s the cue to run and hide. Even so, we can’t help taking a look at those bugs when they are put under a microscope and photographed. Hate them as much as we may, they are everywhere, every single place is infested.

And of course, numerous bugs end up squished and dead on the windscreen every time we go out for a drive. Voker Steger takes more interest than the average joe in crushing these bugs on the car’s windshield. He even went so far as to discover the best speed the car should be at (43mph) for squishing those bugs real good.

Once he has squished them good, he peels them off the windshield, takes them home and proceeds to photograph them under a microscope. He has photographed bugs at a number of place, at a pest control company, a zoo, a dead dog, the rotting leg of a diabetes patient and a few more.

He has a collection of more than 100 photographs, and has published them all in a book called Buzz: The Intimate Bond Between Humans and Insects.

Via BitRebels

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