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Doing the laundry is a tough job. You drag your unwilling self to the machine, throw the clothes in, and wait for the job to be done while anxiously twiddling the thumbs, because really, there isn’t anything else to do. An MA student at the Kingston University in London has come to our rescue with this washing machine that is also an arcade game.

The washing machine sits at the lower end, while the arcade is the top half. To make things more inter-twined and interesting, the designer linked the game and the machine. Basically, as you start the machine by inserting coins, the game starts as well. Skill would be the key in this game, the better you play, the fewer coins you will have to put into the machine.

If a player sucks at the game, they’ll end up feeding a lot more coins to the machine. So we guess it is something of a gamble, though nowhere nearly as interesting as what we would expect from Vegas. Lee Wei Chen would have been a goddess if she had designed the system some 10 years ago, for now, the smartphones take care of the boring part, and the novelty of the arcade machine would probably wear off pretty soon.

Via OddityCentral