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We’d consider something as beautifully sculpted as the Lamborghini Aventador as a work of art itself, but then this Lamborghini Aventador 1:8 scale model would probably fall into some different, otherworldy category. The work of German model maker Robert Gülpen has been made out of carbon, platinum, gold, and studded with precious gems and stones.

Body of the model car is made of carbon fiber, much like the original. All this craftsmanship however, has taken the cost of the Aventador to an entirely different level, with an auction price estimated at €3.5 million (~$4.8 million) or if you really want to own it right now, you could by shelling off €4.5 million (~$6.15 million). For comparison, the Lamborghini Aventador itself sell for ~$380,000.

Via OddityCentral