Villagers in India’s Meghalaya Create ‘Living Bridges’ From Tree Roots

Villagers in the rainforests of Indian state of Meghalaya use the forces of nature and the available flora to make their lives easier. If there is something abundant in a rainforest, it is trees and these villagers use roots of trees coupled with vines to create sturdy bridges.

Living in the Cherrapunji region that receives nearly 15 meters of rainfall every year, many conventional methods of building bridges would fail quickly, until the villagers decided to coerce live roots of plants to act as bridges and create solid latticework for them to cross.

The villagers have been practicing this “art” for some 500 years, creating bridges that can be as much as 100 feet long and handle the weight of 50 people. Some of these bridges can take about 5-10 years to be fully functional, while trees and vines grow and become strong enough to handle weight of people.

Via DailyMail

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