Super Mario Bros Meets Portal [video]

Mari0 is Super Mario meets Portal, a game where the beloved Italian plumber will move around with a portal gun. In principal, that sounds about as good as the Super Mario Crossover, but it does offer the goodness of Portal, a whole lot of fun and action.

Yes, this is an actual game being developed – it is not a mod of any existing one. It’s coded with L”ove (info at the bottom of the left menu) and will be released for free (so we don’t get stabbed by lawyers)

All the source code of the game will be available after release

The game will have mappacks, which will be downloadable from ingame. Users most likely won’t be able to publish maps directly, but will be able to send them in and we’ll add them for everyone to use.

The primary maps will have a story and some portaly puzzles. What kind, well, we’ll figure that out as we go

Level editor will be embedded in the game so you can edit the level while you play

Original SMB levels and Lost levels will be included

Simultaneous Multiplayer

Via Kottke

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