Artist Makes the Cutest Superheroes (And Supervillains)

Most badass superheroes have badass supervillains to go along their persona. You know, the heroes look good, the villains look pure evil, and everybody is happy. The problem arises when they look all cutesy. With looks like these, they don’t just cut the grade.

If we actually saw Superman saving an airplane looking like that, we’d call bullshit. But we’d actually believe that really happened if we see the “real” Superman pull the trick on TV. Also, Batman was created for the sole purpose of being a badass, the cuteness just does not sit well and probably also offends the Gods. We doubt Wonder Woman is ever getting a pilot’s license to fly her invisible plane, and that is a good thing. Having said all that, we still love these illustrations by artist Ivan Camelo, if only for the amazing amounts of creativity and talent that went into each of these images.

Via ComicsAlliance, Neatorama

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