Weihenstephan Brewery, Germany Has Been Continuously Operating Since 1040

Weihenstephan Brewery in Weihenstephan, Bavaria, Germany is widely considered to be the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world. The history of the place starts in the year 725 when Saint Corbinian arrived at the place with twelve companions and founded a church and monastery of Saint Stephen. History suggests brewing picked up in the year 768 in the place, but it was not until 1040 AD that brewing beer officially picked up.

Being in the region for such a long time meant the brewery faced numerous problems; facing wars, natural disasters and disease, but the brewery did come up each time and continued its operation. In the year 1803, the monastery was dissolved during the secularization of Bavaria, but the brewery managed to continue operation “under the secular supervision of the royal holdings at Schleissheim.” It was in 1921 that the brewery got its name as Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan and has since used the seal of the Bavarian state as its corporate logo.

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