Tardis Corset [pic]

Say hello to the Tardis Corset, a work in progress by Nikki Schwartz.

When finished, it’ll have lights, sounds, and a key. The phone door will be white, and will open. And yes, you ARE bigger on the inside. (Petrichor Perfume not included.)

Via MayfaireMoon, GAS

2 replies on “Tardis Corset [pic]”

*laughing* Actually, there are two Nikkis. Me, Nikki Cohen, and the gorgeous woman above, Nikki Schwartz. I designed and am building the corset, and she’s the owner, once I sadly give it up and send it along.

You guys should know that the creator of the Tardis corset, Nikki Cohen, not Schwartz,  will be putting on a fashion show at Dorian’s Parlor on September 11th. It will be held at the Double Tree in downtown Philadelphia. Feel free to check out more info at!!

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