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With the finest things that come to the world with new technology, some weird things make their way as well. We have already seen a menstruation machine for men, and for those who want to go the extra mile, scientists have created a jacket that simulates pregnancy. Made by researcher Takayuki Kosaka and his team at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT), the jacket a.k.a Mummy Tummy lets men experience the feel of nine months of weight gain around the stomach and breasts.

Pouches around the tummy and chest fill up with water to give the effect of weight gain, while actuators in the stomach provide the feeling of a baby kicking. Men would have to calm the ‘kicking baby’ by soothing their bellies. Tests by researchers say the jacket is a fair approximation of being pregnant. Lead researcher Takayuki Kosaka hopes the jacket would help men become more empathic towards the needs of their pregnant partners.

Via DailyMail

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