Jordan Plans $1.5 Billion Star Trek Theme Park

Going where no man has gone before, King Abdullah of Jordan has given the green light to the construction of a Star Trek Theme Park. Being built in the coastal city of Aqaba, the park will take on an area of 74 hectares that will cover 17 entertainment zones and a four-star hotel among numerous other facilities. It probably helped the park’s cause that the king is a Star Trek fan and even did a cameo in one of the episodes.

The park is being built by Paramount Reaction and the Rubicon Group in partnership with architectural firm Callison. Most of the power for the park is expected to come from renewable energy sources, and various other environmentally friendly practices will also be employed.

The idea of course is to create something that would match the grandeur of the 23rd century, so there will be a lot of technological goodness. Although you can’t really expect them to have Star Trek technology, but they do intend to provide an experience to match.

Via MiddleEastHotelier, Inhabitat

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