Scientist Feeds Color to Translucent Ants, Makes Them Colored

We are not sure what Indian scientist Dr Mohamed Babu is up to with his research, but something makes us think this translucent to colored ants experiment is going to be the high point of it all. Babu concocted sweet, syrupy and brightly colored sugar drops, armed himself with a camera and then invited the translucent ants to a party. Since the abdomen of these ants is translucent, the brightly colored sugar they ate showed up in their abdomen.

Some ants decided to have a go at more than one colors, and found a color factory in their abdomen. Apparently, the ants have a love for lighter colors. The darker green and blue drops remained without any takers until the more sought after yellow and green drops had no space left.

Via DailyMail, Colossal, Geeky-Gadgets

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