Man Builds Himself a Bugatti Veyron out of a Mercury Cougar

When you want something real bad, you are going to get it. Probably except the part where what you want is a $1.6 million supercar, and buying one of those isn’t exactly easy. If you’re Mike Duff, you are going to build one of your own. Of course it won’t perform even nearly as well as the real Bugatti Veyron, but a 2002 Mercury Cougar donning the looks of the supercar is prize enough.

Duff built the panels out of composite materials and fiberglass to give the Mercury the looks of the Veyron. Feeling the need to add another dash of luxury, Duff covered the interiors in genuine leather, making the Cougar look as close to the Veyron as it possibly could. And it doesn’t look bad for a DIY Veyron.

Via Yahoo, TheAwesomer

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