Britain’s new missile is super-fast, very deadly, probably outdated

I’ll start with a disclaimer here, my knowledge on missiles and current weapon systems is by no means extensive, or maybe even accurate. But from what I read, Britain’s “futuristic” missile looks obsolete. Being developed by defense company MBDA, the Perseus missile will have a top speed of Mach 3 (~2000mph), be deadly accurate, and be loaded with numerous systems. The Perseus will be able do deploy to baby missiles mid-flight to hit the target at several points or to confuse defensive maneuvers by the target.

Powered by a Ramjet motor, the missile will be able to use its radar seeker and laser radar to map the ground and be able to distinguish buildings, thereby avoiding civilian casualties. Another feature is that the missile can skim along the sea-surface or ground and can be nearly invisible to radars. It would seem the missile will be ready for deployment by 2030. By which time the high speed and systems on the Perseus will be no match for the likes of BrahMos or RATTLRS.

Via Telegraph

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