The awesomeness of the Star Wars empire [cluster]

10) Disney characters in Star Wars style

Yet another mashup of Star Wars characters saw them reach out to the world of Disney, thanks to the imagination of artist Nathan H. Boyd.

9) Star Wars characters as Batman

The illustration by Lucas Lago imagines characters in the Star Wars universe, each as if they were Batman.

8) Darth Vader papercraft in Southpark looks

Behind Vader’s sinister mask lurks the even more sinister power of Southpark. Who knew such darkness lurked within?

7) Star Wars PSAs

Quite possibly the only PSAs worth looking at, these images from College Humor show the PSAs that would possibly have been used in the Star Wars universe. Yep, even that place isn’t free of PSAs.

6) Full back Vader tattoo

You know you are pushing boundaries when you have a tattoo on your entire back. Better not regret it later. But who’s got any trouble when the Sith Lord has got their back?

5) Storm Trooper and Darth Vader Corsets

Totally striking and sexy Star Wars themed corsets by EveningArwen. Is it bad that I find the Stormtrooper to be more attractive than Darth Vader?

4) Steampunk Boba Fett cosplay

Seeing the sheer details and work involved, you can imagine why the Steampunk Boba Fett costume required a number of creatives to come together. By all accounts, it is a job well done and very well manages to bring Steampunk and Star Wars together.

3) Lego Star Wars advertisements

Funny and creative Star Wars themed advertisements for Lego created by Escola Cuca Advertising School in Brazil. The punch line is simple, “Make your own story.”

2) Empire Strikes Back chess set

The Empire Strikes Back chess set was made out of Lego bricks by Brandon Griffith. The board has been styled to have similarity to Hoth, the armies of rebels and the empire facing each other. The board itself includes space to store the game pieces.

1) Star Wars in WWII

These photographs imagine World War II, considering Star Wars as the real deal. If Star Wars Was real shows what photographs from the world war might look like, with AT-ATs storming the battlefield and soldiers with R2-D2.

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