The awesomeness of the Star Wars empire [cluster]

Calling Star Wars just a movie series would be a mistake. The cult following and the sheer brand value it has clearly sets it all apart. And all that means we get to see a steady stream of Star Wars inspired artwork, products and accessories. Here’s a list of some Star Wars inspired things we have seen, in no particular order, but each with a good dose of the force.

20) Star Wars Pinups

Probably no one ever thought of enjoying the look of Vader’s naked legs, but everyone would, if Vader was a pinup girl posing like that. The work of Andrew Mark Hunter shows Vader could have had a sexy side. Even Boba Fett for that matter. Others, not so much.

19) Steampunk Star Wars art

The empire may have existed in the future, but there is absolutely no reason they would forget the romanticism of the Victorian age and the style of Steampunk. In our experience, when a movement like Steampunk meets the cult following of something like Star Wars, the results are amazing. Quite like these works of art by Bjorn Hurri.

18) Vader dark side roast coffee

We said it then, we’ll say it again. Karma’s a bitch. One moment you’re feared in the entire galaxy, and before you know it, you’re out peddling coffee. You could get a taste of Vader’s dark side roast coffee for $15.

17) Star Wars rebel frigate in Lego

Folks, meet the Nebulon-B Class rebel frigate Redemption. It is 4-feet 6-inches of pure Lego goodness, built to immaculate detail by Steef de Prouw. If you look closely enough, you’ll find it’s got docking space for the X-wing fighter and the Millenium Falcon. That thing is pure, unadulterated Lego badassery.

16) Action figures in a medieval setting

Artist Sillof has worked magic with Star Wars characters numerous times. In this case, Star wars characters are placed in the medieval age. The action figures are well detailed to account for the medieval setting in their costumes, as well as in their character. They may not have lightsabers, but you don’t want to mess with these guys.

15) Characters created with fonts

Play it the right way, and typography can work wonders, like in the work of Fabien Glez who created Star wars characters with fonts.

14) Volkswagen’s Little Vader commercial for the Super Bowl

Of all the cute things that have spawned off the Star Wars franchise, Volkswagen’s little Vader commercial did really catch some ground for itself. The advertisement became popular enough to gain its own set of parodies. Well, who doesn’t love an adorable Sith Lord.

13) Angry Birds – Star Wars mashup

For two brand names so famous, it is nearly impossible that their roads never cross; even in the minds of artist. Angry Rebels were bound by destiny (and the force) to battle with the Imperial Pigs. The work of SevenHundred shows the inevitable.

12) Swimsuits *wolf whistle*

These attractive and totally hot swimsuits owe their origins to C3 PO and R2-D2. Named Threepio and Artoo, both these suits were made by BlackMilk Clothing, whose website now has no mention of either. Probably because they sold them out, and possibly because they forgot to license the use of the characters. Anyways, it was good while it lasted.

11) Star Wars propaganda posters

As the rebels and the empire went to war, we’d guess both would require a strong interest towards propaganda as well, to get the common people to their side and for their interests in recruitment as well. The propaganda poster you see on top was created by Szoki, and the second (bottom) is the creation of Monkey Minion Press.

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