The afterlife of cigarettes: 8 incredible works made from smoked out cigarettes

Cigarettes never do anyone any good, except when you reall, really really want one, even then they’re not that good. They don’t really serve any purpose, and when we’re done with them, all that we get is smoke, ash, dirty filter, an empty pack, and oh the sweet sense of relief. Thankfully, the world has creatives who can recycle the trashiest of things into interesting and amazing things. Here’s our selection of 8 creations made by recycling the trash of cigarettes.

8) Chair made from cigarette boxes

The lucky chair, made by designer Roeland Otten from 400 boxes of Lucky Strikes cigarettes gets to start this list. And it is at the bottom because we don’t suppose a cigarette pack chair held together by glue and epoxy could be worth any practical purpose.

7) Cigarette butt art

Where other people see nasty and smelly cigarette butts, artist Tom Deininger sees the potential for art. Cigarette butts aren’t exactly difficult to come by, and the artist finds plenty in parking lots, creating the basis of this art. Which is interesting and intriguing, if you can stand the smell of stale cigarette butts that is.

But look at the pics here, we’re sure the bunny is really fluffy and adorable. The other work by the artist is a shell sculpture. It’s plain cigarette butts in their original form, put together to create a shell-like structure.

6) Lamborghini Reventon made from cigarette packs

Here at Randommization, we believe we are at a point in life, where we are torn between our desire to drive a Lamborghini, and our inability to even buy the paint flakes of the car. Enterprising souls like the one who built this model Lamborghini Reventon wouldn’t need to worry about all those stupid details. These folks are good to go with some cigarette boxes and packs, and they can have one of the most exclusive cars in the world for their own. Yeah, it’s that simple, but it won’t drive.

5) Bugatti Veyron made out of cigarette packs

Seen the Reventon above? Well, that b*tch won’t be any good if you need a drive. Who needs that sh*t if you’ve got a smokin’ Bugatti Veyron at hand. A bunch of students at China’s Xi’an university created a drivable model of the Bugatti Veyron out of 10,000 cigarette packs. The cigarette packs make the body and skin on the car, but all that actually sits atop a low-speed electric car, explaining how this cigarette mobile can move. It won’t go 250 miles an hour, but if you could afford one of those you wouldn’t need to build a pathetic replica out of cigarette boxes anyway.

4) Carpet made from recycled cigarette butts

We may have all come across streets carpeted with cigarettes, but a rug made from cigarettes is a rarity. Puerto Rican artist Jesus Bubu Negron commissioned street cleaners to collect used cigarette butts. The cigarette butts so collected were then woven into this unique carpet. The rug was built using paper of the cigarettes, unrolled and layered one atop the other. Yellow and white colored paper on the cigarette filters were used to create patterns on the rug. The rug was displayed at the Sharjah Biennale.

3) Portrait made from 20,000 cigarette filters

Artist Jinks Kunst created this portrait as a tribute to the French singing legend Serge Gainsbourg. The singer was fond of cigarettes, and to create this smoking tribute, the artist went into cigarette collecting mode. Kunst collected a total of 20,394 cigarettes, which we guess entailed in the artist becoming some sort of a cigarette filter scavenger hunting down (cigarette) butts. It has been about 20 years since the singer passed away, so we guess the use of 20,000 filters has some kind of relation to all those years.

2) Clothing made from recycled cigarette butts

Wearing clothes made from cigarette butts doesn’t quite sound like a fashion statement, and even if you’d do it in the name of environment, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone looking at the idea favorably. Not if they’re as good looking and made as carefully as this range from Mantis. The project came to the mind of designer Alexandra Guerrero, who wondered if the cigarette butts that littered the city could be put to any good use.

Finally, the designer came upon the idea of mixing tissues of the filter with natural wool to create a thread that could be used in fabrics. The fabric has 10% recycled cigarette butts, mixed with 90% of natural wool. The idea is envirnomentally friendly, making use of useless cigarette butts and creating trendy fabrics out of them is definitely kosher.

1) Portraits made from roach papers

If you’ve seen this before, you’d know for sure that these portraits made from roach papers would find the top spot on this list. Artist Cliff Maynard makes use of roach papers to create amazing portraits, putting various celebrities onto the canvas. As you’d imagine this is no easy job. For one, papers from joints don’t come in as easy as those from “normal” cigarettes would appear, and finding them is a tough job in itself. Add to that the sheer number of roach papers required to create these portraits and you’ll get the scope. Maynard has been collecting roach papers for the past 15 years, and creating these totally awesome and creative pieces.

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