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Underwater skyscrapers flip the bird to garbage patches in oceans

It is almost weird that we call ourselves an intelligent species while continuing a brutal assault on our natural resources and environment. Oceans and water bodies on the planet have become huge dumping grounds, as evidenced by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Thankfully, an awakening is happening and people are getting conscious of the environment and the ecology. Lady Landfill skyscraper from Serbian designers Milorad Vidojević, Jelena Pucarević and Milica Pihler is an attempt to get rid of garbage in our oceans.

Underwater skyscraper is a design that will float majesticallly in the waters, collecting all the garbage it can find. The collected garbage is stored in the lowest portion of the tower, and sent for recycling in the middle portion. There’s an office space above the recycling centers, while the residential complex is visible above water, at the top of the building iceberg. Trash can be used as a fuel, powering the skyscraper to meet its energy needs, and even to transport the structure to another location.

Via: eVolo, Inhabitat

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