Elfoid is more of a robotic VooDoo doll than a mobile phone

If you remember the creepy Telenoid bot, it should be much easier to recognize the Elfoid P1 robotic mobile phone. Apparently, people do have love for scary mobile phones, so this humanoid, 8-inch long mobile phone is covered in urethane skin with controllers embedded in its chest, and the same genderless and ageless looks of the Telenoid. The mobile phone will have a motion capture system, to relay the user’s face movements and expressions to the other end.

While the first prototype is unable to move, future mobile phones will be able to move parts of its face and body, and also include temperature sensor and accelerometer. The phone has been jointly developed by Osaka university, NTT Docomo and Qualcomm. Developers hope to bring the phone to the market in 5 years.

Via: PinkTentacle

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